Message from the Chairman and the President

Message from the Chairman

Nakamura Gakuen was born in 1954 in Fukuoka, Kyushu’s political, economic and cultural hub with a long history of overseas interaction.
For over the half a century, we at Nakamura Gakuen have worked tirelessly to live up to the educational ideals of our founder, Professor Haru Nakamura, and her earnest desire to see them come to fruition in society. The accomplishments we have made over these years would not have been possible without the kind understanding and support of countless individuals.

We believe that innovations in technology will make more progress and the era which will a ect in every aspect of our daily lives is just around the corner. Along with the progress in Arti cial Intelligence, knowledge has become borderless, which in turn is encouraging globalization and generating endless competition and technological innovation.
People from all walks of life are now participating in society, irrespective of age or gender, and we now require broader knowledge sets and more flexible ways of thinking.

Even in this age of globalization, the spirit of Nakamura Gakuen’s founding days remains as vibrant and relevant as ever. Today, we are working to create an engaging academic environment in which each and every student can work toward their dreams. What is more, we are endeavoring to develop human resources with the capacity to contribute to the future development of society by further strengthening our educational and research capabilities, ensuring the maximum benefits for our students.

Chairman of Nakamura Gakuen
Ryoichi Nakamura

Message from the President

Nakamura Gakuen began life as Fukuoka High School of Nutrition Studies, founded in 1954 by Professor Haru Nakamura. Professor Nakamura established this educational institution under the following three principles: 1. Never forget your origins, maintain and respect your own belief, be grateful at all times and work diligently 2. Physical forms are expressions of the soul 3. Education and research which unites academia and daily life We use these principles to combine human, social, cultural and specialist education into a broad range of comprehensive student-centered educational programs.

Over 30,000 students have graduated from our Junior College and 10,000 from our University, all of whom have been instilled with this spirit from our founding days. Our graduates have gone on to contribute to society in numerous ways, including as nutritionists, elementary school and kindergarten teachers, child care workers, civil servants and bank employees, and work in a variety of commercial fields, such as trading, distribution and foodstuffs. Nakamura Gakuen has gained a solid reputation in Japan for its high employment rate.

At Nakamura Gakuen, we take a different stance to traditional universities, which merely provide intellectual information and human resources to society. Our University, Junior College, Graduate School and research institutes make concerted efforts to contribute to the region, collaborate with industry and government and engage in international exchanges, with the ultimate goal of nurturing global human resources and local leaders.

Satoshi Kai

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