Nakamura Gakuen is located in Fukuoka city (Befu, Jounan ward). Fukuoka city is the capital of Fukuoka prefecture, in the northern part of Kyushu in the west of the Japanese islands. Fukuoka has a population of about 1.55 million. There are several local based companies as well as branches, regional offices and shops of national companies. Tenjin in the core of Fukuoka city is the commercial hub of the prefecture, Hakata area is a highly recognized business center.Fukuoka is also a prosperous cosmopolitan city, a regional centre of exchange activity fostering relations with many Asian countries.

Fukuoka is rich in natural sights - the Sea of Genkai or Sefuri mountain and more -, and several leisure spots can be found in the nature. Uminonakamichi, Shiga and Nokonoshima islands to name a few can be reached in short time by public transportation from our campus.


Fukuoka airport as the gateway to Asia operates a large number of international flights. Access to Fukuoka city centre is remarkably good as Tenjin is an 11 minutes subway ride from the airport. Subway and bus are convenient means to get to the city centre from our campus. To great convenience it takes about 10 minutes to get to Tenjin from the nearest Befu subway station.

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