Nakamura Gakuen University Graduate School

Nakamura Gakuen University Graduate School

Nakamura Gakuen University Graduate School provides cutting-edge education and research programs in three fields: Nutritional Sciences, Education, and Business, Marketing and Distribution. By catering to the refined intellectual curiosity of students who choose to pursue studies at an advanced level, the Graduate School seeks to nurture future researchers and experts who will fulfill leading roles in these fields. The Graduate School also provides nighttime courses to meet the needs of those in work who are interested in continuing studies.

Graduate School of Nutritional Sciences ■Master's Course / Doctor's Course

The Graduate School of Nutritional Sciences, only with a Master's Course opened in 1990 based on the long tradition and history of food-related achievements at Nakamura Gakuen University. In 2004, the first-ever Doctor's course established as an education and research facility related to nutrition in western Japan.
The Master’s Course comprises of the following three fields, enabling students to study the latest nutrition sciences from comprehensive perspectives: Functional Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, and Food Science. The Doctor's Course consists of three in-depth fields which follow on from the Master’s Course and give students an even more refined knowledge.
In order for Graduate School students to gain real experience outside the classroom walls, they carry out research in different fields while liaising with local communities, and actively present the results of their research at conferences and other venues.
Our graduates have gone on to play meaningful roles as experts and researchers in the field of health and nutrition sciences, working at universities, high schools, hospitals, care facilities, and businesses.

Graduate School of Education ■Master's Course

The Graduate School of Education aims to develop experts in education and childcare who, in addition to outstanding practical skills, possess a solid theoretical grounding in fields connected with the development, education and care of children.
The school has three fields through which students strive to meet these goals: Educational Studies, Childcare/Curriculum Development and Research and Clinical Education Course. By studying a broad range of related fields in addition to in-depth research in their own fields, students can attain a high level of knowledge and skills. Students also benefit from close collaboration with Nakamura Gakuen’s kindergartens/nursery schools and Development Support Center, giving them practical experience of work in educational/daycare, special educational and child support facilities.

Graduate School of Business, Marketing and Distribution ■Master's Course

As the only graduate school in Kyushu with programs in the field of distribution science, the Graduate School of Business, Marketing and Distribution develops the kinds of professionals who can flourish at the frontline of the distribution industry. The school consists of a Guided Research-based Course which aims to nurture distribution researchers and analysts, and a Subject-based Course which seeks to cultivate experts with a sophisticated knowledge of this field. The Subject-based Course is divided into two subject groups. Distribution Marketing focuses on research and education in the areas of marketing and logistics, training professionals who can contribute to innovation in the distribution process. Distribution Management focuses on research and education in the areas of strategic administration, management and accounting, training professionals who can contribute to innovation in the management process.

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