Nakamura Gakuen University

Nakamura Gakuen University



Media Center (Library)

Boasting a collection of about 215,000 books, the library lends research books and journals and offers online services including electronic journals and on- and off-campus literature searches and databases. Students can read, watch DVDs, study, engage in survey and research activities, and more.

Media Center (Information Processing Center)

The Information Processing Center operates and manages over 500 PCs, servers, LANs, and network devices on the campus, registers users, loans peripheral devices, and provides guidance on information processing. The latest computer systems are installed and are freely available to all students.

Health Promotion Center / Nutrition Clinic

The Health Promotion Center conducts multifaceted studies and analysis of how diet, exercise, and other lifestyle-related habits affect health in students and local residents. It has long sought to engage in research on nutrition and health and to contribute to the community.

The Nutrition Clinic is a health facility within the Health Promotion Center where Registered Dietitians provide expert nutritional support for obesity and lifestyle-related diseases. It also serves as an educational venue for students who aim to become Registered Dietitians.

Institute of Preventive and Medicinal Dietetics

With the conclusion of an academic exchange agreement with the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1995, the University launched interdisciplinary research into medicinal foods. The Institute of Preventive and Medicinal Dietetics was established in 2004 to engage in research into medicinal foods, leveraging the expertise of four Departments while sharing research themes among the four. In 2006 and 2017, the Institute held a large-scale medicinal food event with Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and issued recommendations on the healthy and long-lived society that medicinal foods bring about.

Institute of Distribution Sciences

The Institute of Distribution Sciences investigates and researches problems related to distribution sciences, on academic and international themes in distribution sciences amid the major environmental changes of globalization and IT. Through annual international seminars and the publication of the Annual Report of Nakamura Gakuen University Institute of Business, Marketing and Distribution, the Institute encourages the incorporation of research findings into education and practice, and contributes to the development of the regional economy.

Development Support Center

The Development Support Center is active on the two fronts of childcare/educational support and clinical support for development. For children’s guardians and childcare/education-related staff, this Center seeks to carry out learning/education-oriented support leveraging the physical resources (facilities, educational equipment, etc.) and human resources (expert bodies in wide-ranging fields, students, etc.) made possible by the University, in contrast to the space/interaction-oriented support offered by local governments.