The Nakamura Gakuen University Library provides services to students and faculty members, systematically collecting and accumulating various data for education and research. The library is the center of scholarly information for education and research at Nakamura Gakuen University and Nakamura Gakuen University Junior College. We participate in the NACSIS-CAT/ILL Catalog Information Service, which makes it possible to search for academic books and documents and to use the interlibrary loan system on a nationwide scale. With a collection of more than 220,000 volumes, we are open for our students, faculty, and staff approximately 310 days a year, including night and holiday openings. The library functions as a place of research and study. Moreover, we are enhancing our contributions to the community. The library cooperates with local public libraries, and is open to the public, including junior and senior high school students and local residents, during summer vacation.

Health Promotion Center

Implementing research activities for the promotion of citizens’ health.

The Health Promotion Center carries out research and surveys of students and local citizens on how their health is a ected by lifestyle habits, such as diet and exercise, in a multifaceted way. Through such analyses, we intend to contribute to the promotion of nutrition education, disease prevention and treatment of life-style related illnesses.

Nutrition Clinic

Contributing to the prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related illnesses and traning for dietician.

The Nutrition Clinic was established in 2008 the Health Promotion Center. As one of the few such institutions cabable of doing preemptive nutritional medicine in Japan, the mission includes promotion of the skills of registered dietician, and implement of nutritional medicine as a facility which contributes to the promotion of local citizens’ health.

Institute of Preventive and Medicinal Dietetics

Shedding light on the relationship between food and health through science.

Japan is currently experiencing accelerated population aging and changes to its proportions of diseases, making the extension of people’s healthy life expectancy a major challenge for the future. The Institute of Preventive and Medicinal Dietetics’ mission is to construct comprehensive academic systems for medicinal dietetics relating to food and health, and to feed the results of this research back into society.

The institute consists of the following departments: Molecular Biosciences, Biological Sciences, Nutritional Epidemiology, and Human Nutrition and Food Sciences.

Through these departments, it conducts research and development on model health foods and Japanese-style medicinal dietetics, facilitating the incorporation of medicinal dietetics based on traditional Chinese medicine into the Japanese diet from the perspective of preventative nutrition. The institute generates wider awareness of its discoveries through publications in journals and its own bulletin, as well as through lectures and training sessions.

Institute of Distribution Sciences

Contributing to society through academic and international research on distribution sciences.

The Institute of Distribution Sciences seeks to promote food safety and security through research on the functions and roles of food distribution. The results of this research are incorporated into education and society, contributing to the development of the local community. Every year, we hold a public international seminar with guest speakers from Japan and overseas, making efforts to deepen awareness of issues surrounding distribution in Asia and the wider world.

Development Support Center

Functioning as a center for both childcare/educational support and clinical support for development.

The Development Support Center conducts basic/clinical research and develops educational methods relating to development support for children, and proposes solutions/forms of support for a range of issues experienced by childcare and educational facilities.

Seminar House Hokusan

Seminar House Hokusan in the nature-rich Hokusan lakefront (Saga prefecture) was opened with a wide range of application in mind such as trainings, circle camps etc.

The highly user-friendly Seminar House integrates gymnastic hall, training hall, meeting room and cafeteria facilities and provides inexpensive accommodation for students. Shuttle bus service is also accessible.

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