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International Students Supports

Number of overseas students registered (as of May 1 of each academic year)

2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Graduate School 14 18 18 12 9
University 22 29 28 30 25
Junior College 1 1 0 0 0
Total 37 48 47 42 34
  • Student visa only
  • Excluding research students and scholarship students sent by government offices or businesses

Health Insurance

National Health Insurance All overseas students who stay in Japan for one year or more are required to enroll in the National Health Insurance scheme.

Tuition Fee Reductions/Waivers, Study Costs and Scholarships

Tuition fee waivers Based on the criteria set out in the document “Regulations for Tuition Fee Waivers for Privately-funded international Students at Nakamura Gakuen University (including Junior College Students),” privately-funded International students currently enrolled at Nakamura Gakuen University can, following screening for eligibility, receive a tuition fee waiver by submitting the required documents by the prescribed deadline. Please enquire if you have any questions.
Study costs Information on study costs is available at the following link: (Japanese only)
Students who are granted a reduction or waiver of their tuition fees as described above will receive a reduction or waiver from the amount described in the Admission Guidelines.
Scholarships A range of scholarships are available to international students from both the university and external sources.
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These scholarships are awarded to privately-funded overseas students currently enrolled at Nakamura Gakuen University. Please enquire for more information, such as eligibility, award amounts and duration.

International Exchange Events

Nakamura Gakuen University hosts various international exchange events for International students to get to know Japan and Japanese students.

April Welcome party
June International exchange bus trip
October International exchange tours
November Nakamura Gakuen University Festival stalls
December Regional exchange activities
  • Please enquire at the following email address for more information.
    Depertment of Students Affairs