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Nakamura Gakuen University


Nakamura Gakuen Group

Nakamura Gakuen Educational Corporation

Nakamura Gakuen Educational Corporation is an incorporated school comprising a university and junior college department, kindergartens, nursery schools, junior high schools, high schools, and a business department in charge of the contracted foodservice business.

Nakamura Gakuen Girls’ Junior High School
Nakamura Gakuen Girls’ Senior High School

We train women who play needed roles in a global society full of change and diversity.

The schools’ motto of “Integrity, Gratitude and Effort” is taken from the educational philosophy of founder Professor NAKAMURA Haru.

The schools have been selected as designated schools for two projects by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), and in fiscal 2020, the schools were newly designated as hub schools for Worldwide Learning (WWL). The Food Summit that the high school conducts with overseas high school students is also taking root.

To nurture women who can play active roles globally while carrying forward tradition, the schools are working to systematize programs paired with growth by connecting investigative activities on the foundations of Global Education, Girls’ Education, and Career Education.

7-10-38 Torikai, Jonan-ku, Fukuoka 814-0103
Telephone 092-831-0981

Nakamura Gakuen Sanyo Junior High School
Nakamura Gakuen Sanyo Senior High School

We engage in distinctive education centered on Human Education, Information Education, and International Education.

These schools offer distinctive education centered on Human Education, Information Education, and International Education. In Human Education, students acquire human resourcefulness and academic ability through active learning. In Information Education, the schools distribute iPads to all students from an early stage, expanding the potential for learning in ICT education that makes studying and understanding enjoyable. International Education also makes use of iPads in a full range of global programs that include online English conversation with native teachers, reinforcement of four English skills (reading, listening, speaking, and writing) through e-learning, and Nakamura Gakuen’s own study abroad system.

1042-33 Imajuku-aoki, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka 819-0162
Telephone 092-882-6611

Nakamura Gakuen Asahi Kindergarten

Fostering a zest for living among an enriching play environment, food education experiences, and group activities

Under a childcare philosophy of “children with strength, kindness and thinking power,” Nakamura Gakuen Asahi Kindergarten engages in childcare within an enriching play environment. The kindergarten also focuses on the area of food education, devising ways to make food more familiar to children through food cultivation, cooking, and foodservice on the school grounds. As an affiliated kindergarten, it also engages in exchanges between university educators and students, and provides educational consultation by specialists in education.

9-1 Josei Danchi, Jonan-ku, Fukuoka 814-0105
Telephone 092-831-6291

Nakamura Gakuen Iki Kindergarten

“Children with strength, kindness and thinking power,” growing amid the nature of the four seasons

Nakamura Gakuen Iki Kindergarten develops “children with strength, kindness and thinking power” in an environment that enables carefree play amid the nature of the four seasons. Five days a week, the kindergarten provides meals fully prepared on site according to menus planned by Registered Dietitians. The kindergarten also conducts childcare exchanges with the attached kindergarten, as well as exchanges among children’s guardians.

2-14-43 Nokata, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka 819-0043
Telephone 092-811-6831

Nakamura Gakuen Business Division

We offer delicious and healthy meals based on the traditional concept of one soup and three dishes.

Since its establishment in 1959, the Nakamura Gakuen Business Division has engaged in the primary business of providing foodservice under contract, offering a wide range of services within Kyushu. The Division provides nursery schools, primary and secondary schools, universities, corporate cafeterias and dormitories, hospitals, senior care facilities, and other clients with delicious and healthy meals that meet every stage of life from small children to the elderly, including meals based on the traditional concept of one soup and three dishes.

1-1-7 Hakata-eki-higashi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 812-0013
Telephone 092-441-2731

GN Fukushikai Inc.

Nakamura Gakuen Ohisama Nursery School

Nakamura Gakuen Ohisama Nursery School provides delicious meals prepared in the school.

Nakamura Gakuen Ohisama Nursery School practices the creation of courteous lifestyles and the creation of environments in which children become absorbed in play. The school is also committed to food education and develops menus on-site, with a focus on Japanese foods. Its lunches are rich in vegetables, and children are encouraged to leave no leftovers.

2-31-6 Meinohama-eki-minami, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka 819-0006
Telephone 092-894-3456

Nakamura Gakuen Ohori Nursery School

Nakamura Gakuen Ohori Nursery School is located conveniently for strolls and for picking up and dropping off children, in an environment with excellent access.

While located in the city, Nakamura Gakuen Ohori Nursery School is surrounded by abundant greenery and offers an environment for play. The school takes advantage of its convenient transportation access to offer activities at parks, science museums, and more.

1-2-19 Ropponmatsu, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0044
Telephone 092-751-7525

Nakamura Senshu Gakuen Educational Corporation

Nakamura Culinary School

We turn out numerous famed chefs and pastry chefs

Opened in 1949, this historic school established the first academic department in Japan for obtaining a cook’s license. Its extensive facilities, practical curriculum, high job placement rate, special lectures by well-known chefs and pastry chefs, and other strengths have earned it a high reputation in Japan as an educational institution for cooking, confectionery, and baking. Many of its graduates are active as top professionals and chef-owners, with nine graduates having earned Michelin Guide stars in Japan and overseas.

2-1-21 Hirao, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0014
Telephone 092-523-0411

Nakamura International Hotel School

Through world-class education certified by the UNWTO TedQual program, Nakamura International Hotel School has boasted a 100% job placement rate for nine consecutive years.

Nakamura International Hotel School trains students in practical ability, English ability, and management ability, to enable active roles in the hotel and bridal industries. In 2020, the school obtained certification under the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) TedQual Certification System for tourism education, becoming the third school, and the first vocational school, to acquire this certification in Japan.

Under lecturers with a wealth of practical experience, the school has achieved a 100% job placement rate for nine consecutive years.

2-1-21 Hirao, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0014
Telephone 092-523-0410