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Faculty of Business, Marketing and Distribution, Department of Business, Marketing and Distribution

This Department trains human resources who can play an active role in society from an international vantage point through the acquisition of knowledge and practical skills in economics and commerce.


1Students select either the “Management Course” or “Commerce Course” in the 2nd year, and select domains/subjects according to their planned career path.

Students select either the “Management Course” or “Commerce Course” in the 2nd year. Students can freely choose from among Management Course subjects, Commerce Course subjects, four Domain subjects, two Human Resources Development Program subjects, and more to suit their planned career paths, and will enhance wide-ranging knowledge and expertise.

2Students acquire practical skills through small-group seminars

Students in the Department select a seminar from the 2nd semester of the 2nd year. Small classes feature little distance between teachers and students, allowing detailed guidance on an individual, face-to-face basis. Students acquire practical skills through seminars that they undertake at an early stage.

3The Department trains global leaders through the Overseas Scholarship Study Abroad Program

This study abroad program aims to develop human resources able to operate internationally after graduation. Students study at 10 schools in 5 countries (China, South Korea, Canada, Australia, and the United States).

International exchanges
4Abundant opportunities to learn about business settings through industry-academia-government collaboration projects and classes

Emphasizing practical education, the Department invites people active on the front lines of society as lecturers on the current situation in their fields. By learning about the reality of society, students acquire theoretical and practical capabilities.

Employment and career support

Stages for active roles

  • Managerial and general employees in companies
  • Civil servants
  • Sales representatives
  • Accounting/finance staff
  • Marketing staff
  • Product planning, sales, and logistics staff
  • Information systems engineers

Licenses and qualifications that can be earned

  • The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry PC Test
  • Bookkeeping Test
  • The Official Business Skill Test in Retail Sales
  • Social Researcher
  • Certified Domestic Travel Services Manager
  • Licensed tax accountant
  • Registered Management Consultant
  • Web designer
  • IT Passport Examination
  • Secretarial Skill Proficiency Test

Educational objectives

The Faculty of Business, Marketing and Distribution conducts education through theory and practice with a focus on the fields of management and commerce, to develop human resources able to broadly play leading roles throughout society.

Three policies

Admission Policy

The Division seeks persons who are equipped with knowledge, skills, capabilities, sense of purpose, and ambition as follows.

  1. Persons who have adequate understanding of the content of studies through high school
  2. Persons who possess the ambition to learn about the fields of management and commerce
  3. Persons who observes changes in society and elucidate questions with an awareness of issues

Curriculum Policy

To develop specialists in logistics-related fields, the Department systematically organizes the following subjects and offers classes that appropriately combine lectures, exercises, and practical work. Throughout the entire curriculum, the Department holds many active learning-oriented classes led by students.

  1. Liberal arts subjects for the acquisition of broad-ranging general education and common sense
  2. “Common Basic Subjects” for the acquisition of basic capabilities (Academic Literacy, Business Literacy, Communication Literacy, and Language Literacy) necessary for studying in the Department
  3. “Core Subjects” that include Management Course subjects and Commerce Course subjects
  4. “Special Seminar Subjects” for career development and acquisition of knowledge and capabilities in specialized fields
  5. “Advanced Subjects” for the study of more advanced domains (social research/statistics domain, tourism/services business domain, IT & business domain, business psychology domain)
  6. “Human Resources Development Program Subjects” to develop the human resources (business leaders, global human resources) particularly sought by the Faculty

Diploma Policy

The Faculty recognizes graduation for persons who have been enrolled for 4 or more years, have completed a program at the University, and are equipped with qualities and capabilities as follows.

  1. Have acquired general education and common sense that are applicable in the real world.
  2. Have acquired basic knowledge in the fields of management and commerce.
  3. Have acquired specialized knowledge and practical skills in either the management field or the commerce field.
  4. Possess an interest in and awareness of management issues in the real world, along with an attitude that leads to solutions.
  5. Are able to solve uncovered problems and express outcomes in a logical and easily understood manner.