Nakamura Gakuen University

Nakamura Gakuen University



Nakamura Gakuen University
In Fukuoka
The campus of Nakamura Gakuen University is conveniently located within 30 minutes from Fukuoka Airport, 30 minutes from Hakata Station, and 15 minutes from Tenjin. With transportation hubs and commercial areas close to the campus, it offers an outstanding environment. Traveling a bit further, students can enjoy the rich nature of the Itoshima area and the historical tourist attractions of the Dazaifu area.

An energetic city with a population of about 1.6 million, Fukuoka thrives as the center of politics, economy, culture, and fashion in Kyushu. As a “gateway to Asia,” Fukuoka boasts outstanding transportation access, including Fukuoka Airport, which has departure and arrival numbers among the highest in Japan; the Port of Hakata, which offers a regular route to Busan; and Hakata Station, a transportation hub. Fukuoka also features a high-quality food culture with the best street food stalls in Japan, as well as shopping facilities, good Wi-Fi availability, and other urban functions condensed into a compact area. While popular as a tourism destination, Fukuoka also features nature, urban areas, places to live, and places to work close together geographically and temporally, placing Fukuoka high in rankings of cities with comfortable living.

  • The shortness of the access time to the airport

    5min.1st among 48cities in the world(2021)
  • Ocean liner Passengers

    1st in Japan(2017)
    no.1 for 25 straight years
  • Ranking of the best cities for food in Japan

    2nd among metropolises in Japan(2021)
  • Ranking of towns people want to live in

    1st in Japan(2020 & 2021)
  • Ranking of city growth potential of 100 cities in Japan

    2nd in Japan (2017)
  • Number of international students by prefecture

    3th in Japan(2018)
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