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Junior College

Junior College
Division of Career Development

Students acquire the skills and human qualities needed for business, and hone their qualifications as working adults.


1Learning from actual experience in the compulsory subject “Project Practice”

This Division has three courses: “Internship,” “Hospitality Training,” and “Investigative Studies (Transfer Preparation).” Students select from these according to their own interests and career path, honing their knowledge and skills away from campus as well.

2Business etiquette training for immediately playing active roles

The Division is characterized by its thorough teaching of “Nakamura Style” campus etiquette and by making etiquette an everyday habit through the weekly Business Day on which students attend school in suits.

3Support for transfer to 4-year universities

The Division offers a Transfer Special Support Program that provides guidance on specialized subjects and support for essay and interview preparation for students who aim to transfer to Nakamura Gakuen University or other 4-year university.

4Support for qualification acquisition through the Career Support Course

The Division offers a Career Support Course that supports the acquisition of official qualifications related to secretary work, bookkeeping, and personal computers. Every year, many students obtain three or more qualifications and achieve employment in their desired industries and occupations.

Employment and career support

Stages for active roles

  • General office work at manufacturers, wholesalers, financial institutions, and other companies
  • Reception and counter work at hotels, airports, travel agencies, etc.
  • Sales and marketing at department stores, apparel stores, etc.
  • Transfer to the Faculty of Business, Marketing and Distribution or to other 4-year universities

Licenses and qualifications that can be earned

  • The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry PC Test (Creating Documents/Utilizing Data)
  • Secretarial Skill Proficiency Test
  • Test in Color Coordination
  • The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bookkeeping Test
  • Business Document Proficiency Test
  • Practical English Proficiency Test
  • Test for Technical Ability of Service and Receiving Visitors

Educational objectives

“Career” refers to the process of endeavoring to form one’s own values and utilize these within the varied relationships found in specific scenarios of working and living. The Division of Career Development develops human resources rich in human qualities, who constantly strive for such career development and who can contribute in specific scenarios.

Three policies

Admission Policy

The Division seeks persons who are equipped with knowledge, skills, capabilities, sense of purpose, and ambition as follows, to develop human resources who can play active roles as business persons and as family persons.

  1. Persons who possess the ability to think and to take action, and basic academic ability at the high school graduation level
  2. Persons who possess the motivation to improve their etiquette, manners, and communication skills
  3. Persons who possess a strong ambition to develop their own careers

Studies prior to admission

  1. Reviewing all subjects studied in high school is advisable.
  2. Holding an interest in business in Japan and the world, and thinking about one’s own career, are advisable.

Curriculum Policy

The Division conducts classes that systematically organize subjects for the purpose of achieving the graduation certification and degree conferral policies of the University.

  1. Compulsory/elective subjects that form the basis for the Division’s studies are placed under the “Basics Field.”
  2. Subjects for the acquisition of knowledge and skills that can be used as a business person or a family person are placed in the “Liberal Arts Field,” “Housekeeping Field,” “Business Field,” and “Language Studies Field.”
  3. Subjects that promote students’ independent learning are placed in the “Fieldwork Field.”

Diploma Policy

The Division awards an Associate degree (Home Economics) to persons who have completed the prescribed course and who have acquired qualities and abilities as follows.

  1. Have mastered the founding spirit of the University and have acquired an attitude of independently engaging in career development.
  2. Have acquired knowledge and skills that can be used as a business person or a family person.
  3. Have acquired practical and applied capabilities for identifying issues and dynamically working to solve them.